24 Hours of Le Mans Schedule revised for September Race

2020 is only half way through but it’s already been one of the toughest years for everyone in the world including motorsport.
The Greatest race of them all the Le Mans 24 hours has been rescheduled for a September race and now we see a highly condensed and revised programme ahead of the event outlining what lies in store for us.

Scruiteneering to be held at the circuit on the Wednesday rather than the traditional slot in the centre of Le Mans over the beginning of the week. Mean while thursday becomes practice day with 9 hours total of practice track time with the only break of 45 Minutes of qualifying in the late evening.

Friday see’s the traditional rest day for the teams considerably shortened with track action now taking place in the morning with another hour’s worth of practice with Hyperpole also taking place.

Saturday stays very similar to see a warmup session still present but with a very much shortened 15minute time slot rather than the traditional 45 minute slot. The Race start itself is moved to a slightly earlier 14:30 start time.

The 2020 race if it goes ahead could be one of the fastest races on record, with lower temperatures and more time running the softer tyre, we could see cars able to run a lot more time on the grippier tyre throughout the 24 hours.

You can also see the support race schedule below, filling in the gaps and showing how action packed the half a week of racing will be.

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