Classic Stock Hatch: The 2010s

One of the most popular categories in British Club Motorsport in recent years has been the Classic Stock Hatch Championship, which caters for retro hatchbacks built before 1992. In 2012, the Classic series split away from Stock Hatch, where the cars used to run as class B, as their own series and that helped it really thrive.

Photo Credit: SJN Photography

The cars run very close to stock with mainly 1600cc engines and create super-close racing for a vast range of cars running to a single-class system. Citroen AX, Ford Fiesta XR2 and XR2i, Peugeot 205, Rover Metro, Suzuki Swift and Vauxhall Nova are all regularly seen and particularly close battles between multiple XR2i’s, Novas and 205s have been enjoyed throughout the decade.

108 drivers competed in the Championship during this time and many of those competing throughout the period as the family-like paddock atmosphere and close, competitive racing at a budget price means drivers don’t want to go elsewhere.

Matt Rozier & Lee Scott: Photo credit SJN Photography

Lee Scott v Matt Rozier has been the story of the last ten years with Scott taking six titles. Rozier finally came out on top in 2015 and then replicated his success the following year. So many races saw these two up front but always with a number of other competitors involved.

Only two other drivers won the title, both in the same Vauxhall Nova. Pip Hammond took the 2011 championship, then sold the car to Damian Cottrell, who won with it in 2012.

Pip Hammond: Photo Credit SJN Photography

Sarah Niblett, Martyn Fowdrey, Martin Cayzer, Paul Thorpe, Imran Khan, Andy Philpotts, Andrew Thorpe, Matthew Stubington and Marcus Ward all finished in the top three of the championship.

Getting an accurate picture on top scorers over the decade are more difficult here as 2011 and 2012 had a very different scoring system with a much higher point allocation used. 

Unsurprisingly though Scott does come up on top (table below) after six championship wins and raced throughout the decade but only narrowly outscored Rozier, who didn’t race in 2010. Edward Cooper comes third despite his best championship position being a fourth, although he did achieve this four times. The only other driver not mentioned to feature in the top ten of the top scorers is Derek Rozier (father of Matt), who has been a regular feature of the championship and was particularly successful in the two higher point scoring years.

Words by: Josh Barrett

Accumulated Points (2010-2019) 

  • 1st Lee Scott (2705)
  • 2nd Matt Rozier (2647)
  • 3rd Edward Cooper (2024)
  • 4th Andy Philpotts (1958)
  • 5th Martin Cayzer (1810)
  • 6th Derek Rozier (1504)
  • 7th Matthew Stubington (1330)
  • 8th Andrew Thorpe (1204)
  • 9th Paul Thorpe (1167)
  • 10th Pip Hammond (1093)
  • 11th Martyn Fowdrey (1071)
  • 12th Dan Gibson (916)
  • 13th Keith Morgan (896)
  • 14th Andrew Lightstead (824)
  • 15th Stewart Place (707)
  • 16th Imran Khan (680)
  • 17th Michael Williamson (610)
  • 18th Ryan Lowry (603)
  • 19th Sarah Niblett (578)
  • 20th Alan Duly (576)
  • 21st Marcus Ward (570)
  • 22nd Damian Cottrell (517)
  • 23rd Mervyn Beckett (501)
  • 24th Gordon MacMillan (437)
  • 25th Mark Webster (436)
  • 26th Stephen Ayres (360)
  • 27th Alex Hall (354)
  • 28th Pete Morgan (316)
  • 29th Phil Wilson (312)
  • 30th Colin Thorpe (305)