Locost: The 2010s

One of the most successful categories in British Motorsport throughout the last decade was the 750 Motor Club Locost Championship. 1300cc Ford Crossflow engines, powering a Locost chassis. A great way to get into Motor Racing with its low-cost affordability and it also creates some of the best racing you will see anyone – with low power and ease of overtaking with big slipstreams offered. 

Photo Credit: SJN Photography

That recipe encouraged 193 drivers to take part throughout the 2010s, generally with well over 50 registrations each season and some events over capacity meaning for either heat races or groups.

Eight different drivers claimed the title during this period with only Scott Mittell (2010 and 2011) and Ian Allee (2016 and 2017) winning twice. Mittell was one of several drivers to move on to other things after Locost. He went on to build cars of his own design to race in RGB and Bikesports. Both a race winner, and already a multiple champion in the RGB Sports 1000 Championship – driven by him and customers.

A driver who didn’t win a championship did score the most points throughout the period. That was Martin West, who was runner up in 2018 to Mark Burton, who impressively took the title in only his first full season of circuit racing. 

Martin West: Photo credit SJN Photography

The most recent champion was Tom Gadd, who won the title in his third season of competing. It didn’t take that long for Mathew Brooks and Danny Andrew, who performed a similar feat to Burton in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Brooks was a one-and-done in Locost while Andrew has dipped his toe in the category since. 

2019 Champion Tom Gadd: Photo Credit SJN Photography

The remaining champions in the period are Mike Comber and Alastair Garratt, who won in 2012 and 2013 respectively.  

In the table below with the combined scores over the ten years, there are several drivers who feature well despite not taking a title. West, at the top, already mentioned but Jack Coveney, Richard Jenkins and Ben Powney all show in the top five after a number of race victories. Coveney was runner-up to both of Allee’s titles while Jenkins was a front-runner throughout the first half of the decade. Powney – a front runner since 2016.

Tim Neat sits seventh after finishing third in 2015 while Tim Penstone-Smith, Shaun Brame and Richard Bradley have been stalwarts of the category with success and that is rewarding with a top ten position.

Tim Penstone-Smith, Shaun Brame and David Mason: Photo Credit SJN Photography

Words by: Josh Barrett

Accumulated points (2010-2019)

  • 1st Martin West (1074)
  • 2nd Ian Allee (1059)
  • 3rd Jack Coveney (952)
  • 4th Richard Jenkins (935)
  • 5th Ben Powney (857)
  • 6th Danny Andrew (843)
  • 7th Tim Neat (758)
  • 8th Tim Penstone-Smith (679)
  • 9th Shaun Brame (663)
  • 10th Richard Bradley (648)
  • 11th James Millman (640)
  • 12th Stuart Sellars (635)
  • 13th Sian Stafford-Atkinson (615)
  • 14th Mark Burton (602)
  • 15th Lee Bankhurst (602)
  • 16th Alex von Ehrheim (593)
  • 17th Paul Clark (585)
  • 18th Louis Wall (580)
  • 19th Tom Coller (570)
  • 20th Tom Gadd (537)
  • 21st Dave Berry (534)
  • 22nd Alastiar Garratt (520)
  • 23rd Scott Mittell (504)
  • 24th Glenn Boyer (480)
  • 25th Victoria Baldwin (448)