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With the ongoing global pandemic and the suspension of motorsports events, we wanted to share some positive stories and photos from the racing world.

For Club Racing UK driver Nick Holmes it was the teams podium at the inaugural Indy KA 500

Nick Holmes: “For me has to be sharing a podium with these absolute legends! 3rd in the @ka_enduro Indy Ka 500″

Photo Credit: Club Racing UK

750MC Locost Racer Tim Penstone-Smith races around in ‘Scrappy Jack’ who doesn’t love a patriotic livery. Penstone-Smith will be looking for great results once again.

“Refusing to give in to world hysteria or just generally getting depressed, racing isn’t everything but certainly helps me stay healthy, hopefully scrappy Jack and me can get some good results again soon”

Photo Credit: Tim Penstone-Smith

Andrew Paton is enjoying a track day at Snetterton. He is certainly enjoying it.

Photo Credit: Andrew Paton

Kate Yeates throws back to last years C1 24 hour race where 99 cars took part

I thought I’d throw it back to nearly a year ago when team GMP took on the biggest single make grid in British history in a 24hr race at @silverstonecircuit with Kermit the car 🐸

Luck was not on our side that day but even engine failure didn’t force the team to quit and they completed the fastest engine change I have ever seen! Poor Kermit didn’t quite finish the race in one piece, but the main thing is we finished! All thanks to the superhuman efforts from team GMP 💪 #GoKermit 

Photo Credit: Kate Yeates

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