750 Formula: the 2010’s

A look back over the last decade of the longest continually running race series in the world

The 750 Formula Championship reached it’s 70th anniversary at the end of the decade, the oldest continually running race series in the world. The cars are generally home built and designed, running the Fiat 1108 FIRE engine. Some designs having their concept originally thought up towards the beginning of the category history and adapted since then.

Bob Simpson,
Photo Credit: SJN Photography

69 drivers competed during the last ten years – several doing throughout, and others having done so for some time in the past too. The ultimate example being Bob Simpson – who surpassed 50 years in the category and remains a feature at the front of races. The multiple former champion was the runner up in 2010 and remained a top 6 championship runner through the decade with his SS/F. When you add up all the points scored throughout the last ten years, Simpson scored more than anyone else.

Bill Cowley,
Photo Credit: SJN Photography

Simpson narrowly outscored Bill Cowley – who raced his Grandfather’s design since 2011 and won the championship in ’17. Robin Gearing and Mark Glover, also both homed their skills in the early part of the decade and would go on to be champion. Gearing did so in 2016, while Mark Glover won back-to-back in ’18 and ’19. Both racing multiple produced cars, Gearing aboard the longstanding Darvi and Glover in a newer-concept Racekits.

Billy Albone,
Photo Credit: Josh Barrett

Glover was the only driver to win the championship twice with the remaining title holders only taking one championship throughout the period. Roger Rowe (Centaur), Nathaniel Cooper (Davis), Dave Robson (SDAR), Dave Hodkin (HRD), Billy Albone (Batten) and David Bartholomew (PRS) won between 2010 and 2015.

Dave Robson and Nathaniel Cooper (97)
Photo Credit: Josh Barrett

Chris Gough, Peter Bove and Bill Rutter were all front-runners throughout the decade and therefore scored well in our table below. Bove only missed 2013 and was narrowly beaten to the title in 2019. Meanwhile, Gough was the runner up in 2013 and Rutter took third in 2011and 2019, driving two different machines.

Multi-champion Mick Harris returned to the series in 2019 after a three-year lay off and was immediately back on the podium, Harris finished second to Cooper in 2011 and was the other driver to feature in the top ten scores of the decade, which can be seen in more detail below.

Mick Harris,
Photo Credit: SJN Photography

Accumulated points (2010-2019)

  • 1st Bob Simpson (1724)
  • 2nd Bill Cowley (1656)
  • 3rd Chris Gough (1393)
  • 4th Mark Glover (1317)
  • 5th Peter Bove (1290)
  • 6th Robin Gearing (1188)
  • 7th Bill Rutter (1166)
  • 8th Dave Robson (1012)
  • 9th Rod Hill (882)
  • 10th Mick Harris (785)
  • 11th Martin Kemp (761)
  • 12th Billy Albone (622)
  • 13th Nathaniel Cooper (613)
  • 14th David Bartholomew (580)
  • 15th Roger Rowe (574)
  • 16th Ed Pither (545)
  • 17th Andrew Lake (540)
  • 18th Sue Harris (505)
  • 19th Ian Barley (492)
  • 20th Daniel Welsh (456)

Words by: Josh Barrett