Motorsport UK gives green light to restart from 4th July

Motorsport UK has announced that event organisers can apply for event permits from 1st June, opening the door for competition to return during the first weekend of July

Any resumption of racing will rely on event organisers demonstrating that they can run a meeting in accordance with the recently published “Getting Back On Track” Motorsport UK guidelines, as well as adhering to government advice on social distancing.

There will be a number of caveats around the granting of event permits, including a requirement for events to be held behind closed doors, appropriate PPE being available, and each event appointing a COVID-19 officer to ensure compliance with all rules and guidelines.

Event permits for July 2020 will be capped at 50% of the number issued for July 2019, to ensure an adequate supply of officials and marshals to ensure the smooth running of any event. No national or British championship races will take place in the month of July.

David Richards, the chairman of Motorsport UK, said

In March, Motorsport UK moved quickly and in line with government to suspend motorsport, while everyone’s priority was restricting the spread of this terrible disease and protecting the NHS. It is now right that, as government has set out plans to ease restrictions, we move in step and introduce the next stage of our phased restart. Unlike many sports, motorsport in the UK is an industry in itself, employing tens of thousands and contributing billions of pounds to the UK economy.”

“We always said that, when the conditions were right, we would take a responsible decision to resume motorsport in order to sustain the sport, jobs and the economy. We have explained our plans to government and are fortunate that motorsport takes place outdoors over large controlled spaces. Our plan is that, subject to government advice and ongoing lifting of restrictions, motorsport will resume from 4th July. We are making this announcement now as event organisers, venues, preparation specialists, the supply chain, volunteer Marshals, Officials and Competitors all need time to put in place their plans.”

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